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So I posed the question of what would it be like if the TWC was around for King of The Ring ‘96 and Austin 3:16. 

Let me take you back to 1996 and view the promo and the next years match against HBK in the eyes of the TWC

*time travels*


HOLY SHIT! Did everyone just see Austin. That promo after beating Jake the Snake. Man I loved Jake. But he beat him. I think he deserves to be King of the Ring. He works really stiff but still. And that promo unf. Austin just proved that he is the best performer on the mic. He needs to get better in the ring wrestling wise. He is still hella stiff. I have so many emotions though man. AUSTIN 3:16 is my new favorite verse. 


Austin is still really stiff. I am surprised they let him go up against HBK with how stiff he is. I know 3:16 is huge but I mean why risk an injury to him. Austin needs to loosen up or I could see the WWF letting him go. He still can’t wrestle and mic skills will only take you so far in the business. 

/end time travel

And that is the tame version of the TWC. 

All of this to say that if you over analyze every little thing and nitpick you will ruin wrestling. Enjoy it for the entertainment it brings. Cheer the people you cheer, boo the people you boo. Just don’t go out of your way to hate on a talent. Especially a talent who hasn’t debuted yet. I am sure that lots of people said that Hulkamania would die in a matter of weeks. I am sure people said that HBK would never be a great champion. I am also sure that people said great things about the likes of Heidenrich, or even Mason Ryan. Let the guys run their course. If greatness happens then it does. Just enjoy the ride and enjoy the entertainment. Get lost in wrestling and the greatness of it. 


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